Paralyzed Kitten Rescued, Flown to Forever Home by Volunteer
October 13, 2015
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  • A paralyzed kitten named Marvel is resting comfortably with his new family today after being transported from Cincinnati, Ohio to Connecticut by Greg Mantz, a pilot for Pilots N Paws.

    Non-profit group Pilots N Paws, which transports animals from shelters to forever homes, has saved the lives of countless animals over the years but this particular rescue went a bit above and beyond, with Mantz footing the $500 – $600 fuel bill in order to rescue Marvel and deliver him to Heather Miller.

    Miller discovered Marvel, who had been hit by a car at a young age, via Facebook, and knew instantly that he had to be rescued.

    “He seemed like a perfect fit,” Miller, Executive Director at Connecticut’s Houlton Humane Society told WAGM TV. “So we got the plans in order put the request out to Pilots N Paws and Greg’s done it for me before. And it all just worked out really well for today.”

    Although Mantz has worked with Miller in the past, the species and specifications were quite a bit different than before.

    “This is the first time I picked up a disabled animal. This is the first time I’ve picked up a cat actually,” says Mantz.

    Marvel’s rescue also served as Mantz’s final trip, which he referred to as a parting gift, as the pilot is moving.

    “Well this is unfortunately my last one, I’m actually transferring to Jacksonville, Fla. So I wanted to do one more with my airplane before I left,” said Mantz.

    Marvel is now safe and sound with Miller, where he has seamlessly ingratiated himself into her furry family. Though thrilled to have Marvel in her arms, she is optimistic that someone will take up where Mantz left off, in order to help animals like Marvel in the future.

    “We’re hoping somebody local will step up to Pilots N Paws,” said Miller. “It’s not something we do a lot but it helps with the transport, it gets them quicker.”