Airport Extension Project Well Under Way
September 28, 2015
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  • In an effort to keep the public up to date on their tax dollars at work, the Russellville-Logan County Airport has released an aerial shot of the runway extension project, and an update on the progress of the project itself.

    The airport board decided to extend its runway recently to provide economic growth to Logan County by way of providing an airport that can support larger aircraft. This is something that is very important for the community as a whole. With the current 4000 foot runway, larger company jets have not been able to land in Logan County. This has kept certain business from this area. Once the runway is lengthened, these companies will have the opportunity to fly directly into Logan County, which will open many doors. The extension project will extend the runway length by 500 feet for a total of 4500 feet.

    This recent project is one of the airports major improvements. The board built a $760,000 terminal in 2010 to be used by pilots and those who fly into the airport. The project was paid for by state and federal dollars. There have been $2.3 million in capital improvements to the airport since 2002, with less than $30,000 coming from local taxes.

    “The extension will accommodate larger aircraft and increase safety for all users,” said airport board chair Steve Dilliah.

    Currently they are excavating fill dirt to bring it up to elevation at the airport. The new driveways for the residents affected by the extension are finished and open. They will soon close the old driveway to continue the elevation fill.

    The runway extension will open up great economic opportunities for Logan County. We welcome the citizens to come out and see the project and its progress,” Dilliha added.

    The Russellville-Logan County Airport Board received a federal grant for $2,050,000 to expand the runway. The project also received financial support from the Logan County Fiscal Court, the City of Russellville and the State of Kentucky. All believe this project to be a progressive step towards the economic future of this area.

    Dilliha noted the runway extension project is the biggest taken on by the airport board since the 1970s.