A Local Airport Is Looking to Make Changes
September 28, 2015
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  • Albert Lea Airport is looking to do some remodeling to their building. City Council members, at their meeting tonight, are hoping to decide whether Albert Lea Airport can proceed with their renovations. The building has not been worked on since when it was built in 1972.

    Jim Hanson, Albert Lea Airport Manager says if the proposal passes the City Council, the airport will have to clear an environmental impact study. Luckily, they have passed the study before. He says he doesn’t anticipate running into any problems there.

    “What we are seeing is about 4,500 square feet of administrative area and that contains things like waiting and conference rooms for people who fly into the airport,” said Hanson. “Of course, new bathrooms, vending and administrative area will be added as well.”

    The Federal Government has agreed to pay 90% of the project. The remaining costs will be spilt up equally between the State and Local Governments.

    The staff say that poor insulation and old windows makes it hard to work in the current building, especially during the winter season.