Flights resume at Del Norte County Regional Airport
September 21, 2015
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  • After five months of being grounded, the Del Norte County Regional Airport has resumed flights thanks to Penair.

    The airline started service on Sept. 15 after the last flights from the previous carrier, SkyWest terminated it flights in April.

    Instead of flying to San Francisco as SkyWest did, Penair has non-stop flights to Portland from Crescent City. The flights occur twice a day to and from Portland and are available seven days a week.

    With the new destination now being Portland, the airport director said that it will help residents in Del Norte County travel to many more areas across the country, especially within California.

    “People are now realizing how well connected Portland is, even with the California markets,” Matthew Leitner, airport director for the Del Norte Regional Airport, said. “You can go nonstop from Portland to Ontario, Orange County, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Oakland, Fresno, so it’s proven very wonderful.”

    Leitner said he expects around 2,000 a month to be on the flights. If the flights are going well, Penair may look to add more flights in the future. There are no plans to add another carrier at the airport.