Albuquerque Man Set to Break World Record in the Sky
September 21, 2015
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  • Jon Sharp has been a pilot for three decades, winning races at air shows for years. Now, he wants to take his flying game to the next level.

    “I’m hoping to put up big enough numbers where nobody gets to them for a while,” said Sharp.

    He’s talking about beating a speed record for planes that weigh under 2,300 pounds. He’ll attempt to break the record in his team’s own creation, The Nemesis.

    “Records are made to broken, and it’s always great to be the fastest person there is. So that’s what we’re here to do, be the fastest,” said Sharp.

    He’ll hit the skies on Wednesday when he attempts a 3-kilometer course over the Moriarty Municipal Airport.

    “He’ll fly across the runway, two times in each direction, we’ll measure the speed in which he’s flying, and determine if he flew fast enough to break the existing record,” said Brian Utley of the National Aeronautic Association.

    That existing record for a small single-engine plane is 356 mph.

    Jon’s confident that by the end of the week his name will be next to a few new records.

    “We’re just more prepared now, when we did our record last time in Osh Kosh. We were not set up correctly, we just wanted to get a record,” said Sharp.

    If all goes well, Wednesday won’t only be a victory for Jon but also the Moriarty Municipal Airport.

    “Having Jon here and The Nemesis, really means a lot of the community of Moriarty and this airfield, because we’re already famous in the glider world, and now we’ll be famous in the power world,” said Bob Hudson, manager of Moriarty Municipal Airport.