MT Mailbag: “General aviation industry leaders from South Dakota [wrote] to Sen. John Thune”
September 9, 2015
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  • General aviation industry leaders from South Dakota fired off a letter on Tuesday to Sen. John Thune, voicing their opposition to using the upcoming FAA reauthorization to create an air traffic control corporation funded by user fees. “Such a corporation, controlled by a board of industry insiders, will place our businesses and our employees in constant peril from efforts by major users of the ATC system to cost shift and deny general aviation access to airspace and critical airport development funds,” the letter says. “While we strongly agree with you that maintaining the status quo risks our nation’s supremacy in aviation, we believe that radical changes to the FAA’s management structure and funding poses equal risk — to the safe and stable nature of the world’s best air traffic control system and America’s vibrant general aviation community.” The letter: http://bit.ly/1XJpkbk.