Monroe Regional Airport Plans $525,000 Renovation
August 11, 2015
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  • The Monroe Regional Airport is about to receive a major face lift.

    The $525,000 renovation plan, know as Phase 2, will re-invent five different spaces within the walls of M-L-U.

    “We should see some great improvements out here at the Monroe Regional Airport,” says airport director, Ron Phillips.

    Those improvements include a communication center to enhance airport secruity, a news and gift shop, and a new and improved conference center.

    “That conference center will be available for people to rent around town and also people that’s flying in,” says Phillips.

    One large renovation travelers might look forward to is a luxury lounge.

    “We’ll have a 225 gallon aquarium, new seating, also charging stations, and also a location for snacks and beverages,” says Phillips.

    The saloon, located at the front of airport, will be closed off to create a more private setting.

    And over to the baggage pick up, a large screen will be installed to show travelers local hotel and entertainment options.

    “On that video wall we’ll run advertisements and also we’ll be showing different things that’s going on around the region,” says Phillips.

    One plan to build out office rentals will allow revenue to flow back into airport funds, but Phillips says that is not the focus of these projects.

    “At the end of the day, what we want to try to do is to take this airport and provide something that our passengers really appreciate and love,” says Phillips.