Katie Hulnker KIMT
Local Airport Honored for Attention to Public Safety
August 3, 2015
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  • KIMT News 3 – A local airport is being recognized for their attention to public safety and detail. The Mason City Municipal Airport has gone discrepancy free for nine consecutive years and is receiving its third certification program medal of excellence. Airport officials point out achieving a discrepancy free inspection is definitely not easy to do. Each year, the Federal Aviation Administration conducts a two day inspection. They look at every aspect of day-to-day operations at the airport, getting so specific as correct pavement markings and how tall the grass is.

    One man who’s been keeping everything running smoothly for nearly a decade explains why doing well on these inspections is so important.

    “It shows the FAA that we are dedicated to safety. The entire reason for the inspection and for all the regulations is passenger safety. One of the things they cover in the inspection is our emergency response. We actually have to do an emergency response to show that we can meet the criteria,” says Airport Operations Manager, David Sims.

    He believes this is the first time in history the airport has had 9 consecutive discrepancy free inspections. Each time they have three in a row airports receive a medal of excellence. That means this is their third medal in nine years.

    In addition to that award the airport will receive the Airport Safety Enhancement Award in September during the Four State Aviation Conference in Missouri.