Rescue Efforts Under Way for Hypothermic Hiker Near Bowen Lake
July 8, 2015
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  • Rescue efforts were under way Wednesday afternoon to reach a severally hypothermic hiker stranded near Bowen Lake in Arapaho National Forest.

    Teams from Grand County Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Mountain Medical Rescue Team (MMRT) in coordination with the Grand County Sheriff’s Department (GCSD) were working their way up to the hiker. The hiker’s name has not been released yet but authorities confirmed he is a 15-year-old male hiking in the area as part of a group of 10. Lieutenant Dan Mayer of the GCSD explained the group with the hypothermic hiker has communication equipment and are intermittently talking with rescuers.

    Mayer said rescuers are moving by ATV up into higher elevations as far as possible but will have to traverse the last four miles to Bowen Lake on foot. Mayer also explained that inclement weather in the area has prevented any civilian helicopter rescue attempts, though authorities are looking in to requesting assistance from military helicopters if necessary.

    Mayer said the hypothermic hiker is in a tent, wrapped in sleeping bags with other members of the group helping to warm him. “They have been given instructions on what to do with him,” he said.

    Mayer explained he expected the remainder of the rescue to take approximately four to eight additional hours depending on factors such as weather and trail quality.

    The Bowen Lake Loop Trail starts in Rocky Mountain National Park, though Bowen Lake is within the Arapaho National Forest.