Texas Museum to Duplicate Museum of Flight Education Center
July 4, 2015
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  • SEATTLE — The Museum of Flight has signed an agreement with Galveston’s Lone Star Flight Museum to design and build a duplicate of the museum’s Aviation Learning Center(ALC), an educational facility that is used to introduce students to the concepts of aviation and flying.

    The ALC will be built at Lone Star’s new $35 million museum opening in 2017 at Ellington Airport in Houston.

    Lone Star is teaming on the ALC project with the Texas-based airplane company, Mooney International.

    “We are pleased to be partnering with The Museum of Flight and Mooney International to bring this exciting educational tool to Texas,” said Scott Rozzell, chairman of the board of Lone Star Flight Museum. “Houston will be home to only the second ALC in the country.”

    In 2004, The Museum of Flight created the Aviation Learning Center as an in-house education facility. Thousands of students have experienced its hands-on approach to learning, which includes preparing a real airplane for flight, and then flying a planned route in aircraft-style flight simulators.

    The Museum of Flight can now reproduce the Aviation Learning Center for communities and museums anywhere. Working with the new owners, the museum will customize the ALC to fit their needs. The museum also oversees the design and construction of the ALC at the new site.