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Meadow Lake Airport Specializes in Experimental Aircrafts
June 13, 2015
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  • PEYTON, Colo. — Meadow Lake Airport in Peyton held an open house Saturday to give the public a chance to learn more about aviation, youth opportunities and the science of airplanes.

    “General aviation and what I would refer to as the grassroots level, so everything from powered paragliders and ultra-lights to light sport aircraft to production, certified airplanes but especially the home-built airplanes or what we would refer to as experimental airplanes,” Meadow Lake Airport Board of Directors President David Elliott said.

    “It’s a sport type airport as opposed to commercial or heavier airplanes,” retired fighter pilot Lee Wolford said.

    That’s why they want to get the word out.

    “Most of the city and the county don’t even know this airport exists, but yet it’s the second largest airport in the state for numbers of based airplanes,” said Elliott.

    Not only that, it is home to the Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado (AEFCO), which introduces high school students to professional aviation.

    “We teach the knowledge test, the book work through the fall year right after school starts, and we finish up in April.” Richard Martin, President and Founder of AEFCO, said. “In the summer we fly. This year we’re going to fly about 120 training hours.”

    Plus it has an impact on the local economy.

    “Meadow Lake Airport has roughly 110 to 130 jobs on this airport,” Elliott said. “That’s an $11 million to $13 million economic impact on the community.”

    For more information on everything Meadow Lake Airport offers, visit their website atwww.MeadowLakeAirport.com. Or if you would like more information on AEFCO, their website iswww.AEFCO.org.