Jet Source: Southern California’s Leading Business Aviation Center
June 3, 2015
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  • Jet Source is the leading provider of aviation-related services on the McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. From its humble beginnings in 1997, Jet Source has grown into a Fixed Base Operations (FBO), an FAA Approved Repair Station for both airframe and avionics maintenance, more than 200,000 square feet hangar and office space, and a very successful aircraft management and charter program. Jet Source continues to be a good neighbor by adhering to voluntary noise curfews, building a state-of-the-art fuel farm and installing a high-tech solar energy system to create the only green-powered FBO in the Western United States.

    People often ask, “What is an FBO?” Quite simply, it’s a mini airline terminal where passengers can gather to meet their arriving or departing aircraft.

    We provide a comfortable waiting area, customer service center and two conference rooms. Pilots have a great lounge of their own, which includes a 108-inch projector screen, satellite and extremely comfortable recliner chairs. We offer sleep rooms and complementary Wi-Fi access. Pilots can purchase fuel for their aircraft, file flight plans with the FAA and pick up catering that was ordered for a particular flight or group of passengers at our FBO. For added security of our customers and their aircraft, our facilities are gated and monitored 24 hours a day.

    As an FAA Approved Repair Station and Avionics Repair Facility, Jet Source is authorized to repair any and all aircraft. Our maintenance and avionics technicians are factory trained and have many years of hands-on experience.

    Our aircraft management program provides for aircraft owners, individuals and businesses who frequently don’t have the time or interest to oversee the day-to-day upkeep that is required. Jet Source offers a turn-key ownership experience that includes the search and selection of pilots, oversight of all maintenance requirements, interaction with the FAA, flight planning, flight scheduling, aircraft cleaning and aircraft storage. Our managed customers also have the option to add their aircraft to our very successful charter program.

    The charter revenues generated can help reduce ownership costs while improving aircraft utilization and providing certain tax benefits, as well. Jet Source can also assist with the purchase or sale of an aircraft.

    Our charter department provides a viable alternative for individuals and companies needing greater flexibility in choosing departure times and city pairs that might better fit their specific needs. Chartering provides greater flexibility to land at airports that are often located much closer to the traveler’s ultimate destination. Companies also appreciate the ability to conduct business during the flight in the privacy of their own jet while enjoying the added security that private jet travel provides.

    This is a great opportunity to invite business associates and friends to join you at no extra cost. Charter aircraft are available in all sizes and prices that are designed for different mission requirements.