Pilots From Private Agencies Aid in Wimberley Search
May 29, 2015
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  • WIMBERLEY — Upon hearing information about the floodwaters that swept away homes, officials from several agencies and private companies answered the call for aid.

    Andy Heidrich, a pilot with Rocky Hill Equipment Rentals of Selma, said their crew and two company helicopters have been in Wimberley since Monday. He has done fly overs of several acres of devastated riverbanks looking for any signs of the missing from Wimberley and surrounding towns and counties.

    Another company, Veracity Aviation out of Seguin, took K-9 dogs to areas that couldn’t be reached by foot or vehicle on Thursday.

    “We’ve been looking and dropping people off,” said Eric Herr, a Veracity pilot. “We just dropped off dogs and picked them up, and we’re about to go drop them off again some place. They must have a lead somewhere.”

    Two Round Rock police officers received permission from their chief to bring their K-9 dogs, Karma and Harley, to assist in search efforts.

    The two rescue dogs went on multiple helicopter rescue missions organized out of the command center at First Baptist Church in Wimberley.

    “We saw a post from a dog website, a K-9 website, and it had a contact number for here,” said Noah Moncivais of Round Rock.

    His partner, Tracy Lawrence, said their chief said “go for it.”

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