Calily Bien KXAN
STAR Flight Helps with Two Hoist Rescues During Memorial Day Weekend Floods
May 28, 2015
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  • AUSTIN (KXAN) — As floodwaters rose during Memorial Weekend, STAR Flight stepped in and resumed hoist operations after suspending them after the death of nurse Kristen McLain.

    On Sunday evening, STAR Flight rescued a tuber who got caught in rough waters along Barton Creek. During the flooding, STAR Flight was dispatched for assistance 16 times and made two hoist rescues.

    While a representative from STAR Flight couldn’t speak about how the operations went, the agency did issue the following statement:

    The decision to conduct helicopter swift-water rescue operations, including hoist rescues, was based on employee feedback, risk to the community and available helicopter rescue resources. The recent flooding conditions and need for aircraft rescues prompted us to resume some rescue operations. The rescues were completed safely. We will continue to monitor the weather, flooding and available resources, and respond as appropriate.