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Beloit Approves Airport Extension Bid
May 20, 2015
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  • The Beloit City council met last night for their final regular meeting this month.

    City Attorney Katie Schroeder reported that the front yard-parking ordinance that the city council passed is now in effect. With City Code Enforcement officer Chris Jones out with some health-related issues, law enforcement has helped with enforcing the ordinance.

    During City Administrator Glenn Rodden’s report, Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce Chair Vanette Davis was present to discuss activities coming up this weekend. Rodden also gave an update about the city’s comprehensive plan as a result of last week’s planning commission meeting. Rodden also shared that the pool opens this weekend.

    Rodden said Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative has filed for a building permit in Beloit. He concluded his report by noting that the city auditors will be in town this week.

    One ordinance was discussed relating to handicap parking. Rodden recommended that the council approve Ordinance 2163 to designate handicapped parking spaces at 7th and Mill streets. Councilman Lloyd Littrell helped clarify that the handicapped spaces at the Lutheran Church were already marked and that they are the 1st, 2nd, and 7th parking spaces. The council passed the ordinance 6-0.

    The council approved an agreement with Nex-Tech for $1,078 a month for 36 months. The Beloit Police Department wanted to enter into the contract with Nex-Tech for hardware and software support.

    The council also approved a construction bid for the Airport Runway Extension and Widening with Smoky Hill, LLC in the amount of $1-million, 9-hundred and 10-thousand, 8-hundred and 54-dollars and 21-cents. Brad Waller with Alfred Benesch & Company recommended Smoky Hill. The project would extend the runway 600 feet ad widen it to 75 feet. Waller said the project would likely start in the fall with dirt work, concrete works starting next spring, and he estimated the project completion date to be about this time next year.

    A cereal malt beverage license for Jeff and Leia Heiman for Bubba Q’s at 121 West Main was approved.

    A final action item is an application for the Geometric Improvement Grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation. Rodden said the project would be 2018 in KDOT’s world and funded through the city’s 2018 capital improvement projects budget. Rodden said the project would likely start in 2017 for the city.

    A special events license for Jerry and Julie Harrison was approved for the White Building at Chautauqua Park.

    During the city council’s work session, the council discussed On Call Pay. The city’s on-call pay has reportedly not been adjusted for two decades. Rodden proposed an increase with on-call pay. Rodden also said that some at the power plant were behind on certification. Councilman Lloyd Littrell said he doesn’t see a change in it. Mayor Tom Naasz said the council will continue to look at the issue.