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From Puppy ‘Death Row’ to Jet-Setting Like a Rock Star
May 6, 2015
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  • CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Bob Rose is a rare breed.

    He is a huge dog lover who’s second hand mutt, Kirby is the shaggy welcoming committee at Rose’s Cleveland office.

    “My kids say i should have been a vet but I can’t do that because i can’t kill anything,” says Rose.

    In fact, Rose goes to great lengths to save dogs.

    Dogs like Marta.

    “She’s a puppy mill dog that was kicked out of the mill and scheduled to be killed because she has cancer.”

    So the group Pilots N Paws called on some of their almost 2,500 volunteer pilots including Bob Rose and flew Marta from Kansas to Iowa to Indiana to Port Clinton, that’s where Rose stepped in and flew her 265 miles to New York. Nine-hundred miles later, Marta is in hospice in Canada.

    “They think she has six months to live and I can tell you right now!” Rose said, “People are saying ‘what are you doing?’ Doing all this and spending this much money for a dog that’s going to die in six months? I’ll tell you, my dog had cancer and went through three operations went through chemo. Yes I’m nuts but the dog deserved it.”

    Pilots N’ Paws pilots donate their time and fuel to deliver happy endings for fur babies and give them a second chance at a forever family.

    Rose looks over at Kirby lying guard at the door outside his office, “See that dog sitting right over there? He’s my best friend. He goes everywhere with me, and it’s my way of giving back.”

    For more information on Pilots N Paws, visit: www.pilotsnpaws.org