CHP Crew Rescues Woman Swept Out to Sea Off Marin County
May 5, 2015
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  • High surf swept a woman off of a Marin County beach Monday, requiring a difficult rescue by a helicopter crew, according to the CHP.

    The woman was pulled into the surf off of Tennessee Beach, south of Mill Valley, at about 1:15 p.m. and spent about 30 minutes trying to get back to land, CHP spokesman Officer Jim Andrews said in a release.

    She eventually was able to get to the base of a cliff and onto a rock, although waves continued to pound the area, making rescue possible only from the water, Andrews said.

    A lifeguard with the National Park Service swam to her and gave her a life jacket while a CHP helicopter was en route from the Napa County Airport.
    In gusting wind, CHP Pilot Mike McAuley positioned the helicopter adjacent to the cliff, above the woman, with the blades whirling about 10-15 feet from the rock wall, Andrews said.

    CHP paramedic Ben Schmidt was lowered on a hoist about 75 feet to the woman and lifeguard below. The woman was brought up to the helicopter for a short flight to the cove where firefighters and paramedics waited.

    The woman, identified only as being in her 20s, was extremely cold and tired but uninjured, he said.

    The helicopter crew then retrieved the lifeguard and a park ranger, who also was helping on the rescue.

    A high surf and hazardous beach warning for the area had been issued Monday.