Business Aviation: When Charter and Aircraft Ownership Make Sense for Your Company
April 27, 2015
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  • Nestled along San Diego ’s North County pacific coastline is the fourth busiest single runway in the United States. Just shy of 5,000 feet of runway is Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA. Palomar Airport averages 425 flights each day. Today, more than half of the average daily flights are General Aviation operations including corporate business jet flights.

    Business aviation plays an indisputably large role in the economy in cities across the United States in various trades. From pilot training to aircraft parts, fuel and services, catering and rental car agencies, hotels and restaurants, customer service reps, flight schools and clubs, maintenance and avionics technicians, and business-to-business dealings — tens of thousands benefit from the aviation industry directly and indirectly out of Palomar Airport.

    If you are a passenger on board, there are great benefits of flying private charter. The most notable benefit of flying private versus flying commercial is the time saved. Nothing beats face to face meetings to strengthen relationships. Clayton M. Jones, Chairman of the Board for Rockwell Collins said “In today’s highly competitive global environment, building strong relationships is critical to achieving business success. Whether it’s reaching out to customers from our Cedar Rapids, IA headquarters or connecting our leaders with employees located around the world, business aviation allows us to be there when it matters most.” Time is money. With the ability to visit multiple locations in one day and be back home for dinner with the family is an incredible yet attainable truth. Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. notes that “Berkshire has been better off by having a plane available to go and do deals. We have done deals we would not have done if we had not had a business airplane. In business, as in life, you’re just not as likely to see eye to eye if you’re not face to face.”

    Jet Source, Inc. understands the benefit of business aviation, watching and experiencing the ebb and flow of the aviation industry. Founded in 1997, Jet Source operates a full service Fixed Base Operator (FBO), offering private jet charter and aircraft management, maintenance and avionics. Jet Source provides the most convenient access to the North County region and is an excellent alternative to San Diego’s Lindberg Field (KSAN). Jet Source is the only facility in San Diego with the internal capabilities to support all operational needs of corporate aircraft at one location.

    Flying more than 300,000 passengers to more than a half-dozen countries for nearly two decades, Jet Source Charter has remained steadfast in their worldwide operations. Jet Source announced earlier this year about receipt of the prestigious ARGUS Platinum rating. The Platinum rating is the highest level of certification awarded to Air Charter Operators, attesting to industry best standards and a commitment to uncompromising safety and excellence. Paul Young, the Director of Operations for Jet Source says “This is the result of a team effort, including the charter coordinators, maintenance personnel, and a very experienced and professional group of pilots. The ARGUS Platinum rating places Jet Source with an elite group of operators and demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with a superior level of service and safety.”

    If you find that you or your staff is flying more than 50 hours commercially each month, its time to look at flying charter. Evaluating aircraft ownership should commence in the 120-150 or more flight hours each month. Dozens of local companies operate this way. It is common to bring in a management company who will take care of crew acquisition, coordinate maintenance, and handle insurance and administrative work for example. Without a management company, ownership can become quite burdensome and time consuming. Placing aircraft with a charter company is a great way to help offset costs of ownership. Jet Source offers ownership control — using the availability of the aircraft to charter it when you’re not using it. Chartering your jet can bring in charter revenue, provides for risk mitigation, fleet insurance benefits, tax exemptions, discounted fuel, parts and maintenance just to name a few benefits. “There is an increasing demand for private charter in Southern California, and we are thrilled to facilitate folks needing our services,” says Jessica Arnold, Business Development for Jet Source.

    Aviation professionals agree that business aviation is here to stay. Recent industry analyses report rising numbers for General Aviation flights across the U.S. That’s good news for the economy swirling around airports like Palomar Airport.