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P&G Flies Sick Child to Treatment at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
April 22, 2015
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  • A boy recovering from a rare form of lymphoma got a ride to treatment in Cincinnati on Procter & Gamble’s corporate jet.

    Andrew S. Newhouse, or Avi, is in remission, but the cancer damaged his esophagus. Doctors say Avi, 12, can’t travel commercially because of his weakened immune system.

    Avi and his mother got a ride to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Wednesday from their New York home thanks to the Corporate Angel Network.

    “I wanted to be in a good mood. And other times I was angry and sad I guess and a little afraid of what may be happening next,” Avi said.

    He underwent several more surgeries Wednesday.

    “For a year now, 13 months actually, he hasn’t been able to eat anything by mouth, so we are here for a second opinion,” Lean Newhouse said. “Wherever we asked, New York or elsewhere, everything pointed to Cincinnati.”

    The Corporate Angel Network provides patients flights to treatment facilities on more than 500 unused corporate jets.

    “Well, it’s a lot different than a commercial plane. Eight comfortable seats, a lot of room and space, it was really cool,” Avi said.

    “As pilots, it’s always great to know that our day-to-day work can help others. Partnering with the Corporate Angel Network is a very rewarding part of our job. We and everyone at P&G wish Avi a speedy and complete recovery,” P&G Global Flight Operations pilot Capt. Joe Lowenstein said.
    Avi is a big sports fan and challenged pro athletes to wear gold during the month of September to raise awareness for pediatric cancer research.