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Planes Fly High, Students Soar Even Higher
April 17, 2015
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  • COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) — Most children are fascinated with space, but what about growing up and making a career out of it?

    Aeronautics is a significant part of the state’s economy and it’s projected to soar in the next 10 years.

    A Midland’s aviation veteran is turning students’ attention to the growing field and creating a big incentive to get them interested.

    Dutch Fork High School Senior Bryce Shealy Is Learning About Airplanes.

    “I get to gawk about stuff we do in our class versus other classes,” Shealy says.

    The things Shealy is learning in this aerospace class offered by Lexington-Richland school district five could lead to a career someday.

    “Everything in this class for aviation, or earth based class, I’ve done physics and vice versus so they go hand in hand,” Shealy says.

    “It’s the way of the future,” Anthony Stovall says.

    Stovall is the president and CEO of FHL Leadership Group, the organization awarding scholarships April 18th to 9 Students like Shealy who have an interest in aerospace and aviation careers.

    “It’s very challenging but it’s equally if not so much more rewarding and you’re able to connect the dots in so many different ways especially from a technical standpoint,” Stovall says.

    Stovall says the Federal Aviation Administration will need 10,000 jobs filled in the next 10 years.

    So scholarships, hands On lessons, combined with a little fun is key in keeping students interesting.

    “Different things motivate people. This is a very lucrative career field,” Stovall says.

    Stovall, who is a Washington D.C. based air traffic control manager, says the key to success is acknowledging the what, why and how.

    Showing students that it not only applies in life, but in the air as well.

    “Believe in yourself,” Stovall says.

    And Stovall says scholarships like the one his group is awarding Saturday can open doors.

    “But career wise, you can go anywhere from here,” Shealy says.

    And he hopes that aviation will continue to soar.

    The reception for the FHL’s scholarship award will be Saturday April 18th, at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies.

    Scholarships from $500 to $1500 will be awarded.

    Tickets for the event are $25.