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KDOT Unveils Aviation Tool at K-State Salina
April 10, 2015
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  • SALINA, Kan. – K-State Salina says it continues to lead the state with its aviation program, and now KDOT is helping students and even you learn more about aviation. KDOT leaders unveiled its Kansas Aviation Portal, it’s similar to Google Earth.

    You can access the portal on your smart phone, your tablet, or your computer and KDOT officials say, with the click of a button, you can see almost any information on any airport in Kansas.
    Jesse romo is KDOT’S aviation director.

    “This takes it to a whole new level, so it’s utilizing the most cutting edge technology to demonstrate things that are normally boring like aviation data,but when you draw it with pictures and 3D imagery, and animate some of the stuff on there than it has a much more cool factor to it.”

    Romo says you used to have to search in several different places to find information and data on airports around Kansas, but now the portal allows you to find it all in one place.

    “It’s a single source of a lot of aviation data, from airspace to economic impact to pavement maintenance. ”
    Not only will this be useful for travelers, but also for airports.

    “The role that their airport plays with the community and the economic impacts it has in the county.”

    KDOT chose to launch the portal in Salina because it has one of six universities in the U.S that has an airport management degree. K-State Salina says it will be a great learning tool for its students.

    Dr. Tara Harl is the airport management program director at K-State Salina.

    “Get the students out with airport leaders across the state to look at projects 3D and be able to get their hands on for projects, it’s incredibly real world, cutting edge.”

    Romo says it cost KDOT around $25,000 to program the data, he says he wouldn’t be surprised if other states also create something similar.