Joe Galli KESQ
Business Takes Off at Bermuda Dunes Airport
March 17, 2015
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  • People flying into the Coachella Valley for the BNP Paribas Open are causing a big boost for a local airport.

    The Bermuda Dunes Airport’s busiest season starts now, and is having a huge kick off from people flying in on private planes from out of state and other countries.

    “This is our season that we thrive on the most, and we get most of our clientele coming to the tennis tournament, and they like to come out and visit our nice weather,” said Jeff Porras, airport manager.

    “Our operations are up during this month because of the tennis tournament, about 70 percent, so we have roughly 100 operations, which is take-offs and landings per day here,” said Robert Berriman, Public Relations Manager for the airport.

    The airport is making the most money on private jets that cost more to fuel and park than the conventional propeller planes that normally use the runway.

    “This airport is centrally located to our community, it’s well served to the surrounding cities that serve a lot of the visitors that come to the country clubs and the different event places,” said Porras.

    “You know it’s good, that’s what it’s there for, every plane that lands there has landing fees, refueling, and the people who work there, so that’s what makes it tick,” said Cliff Smith, a Canadian who is visiting Bermuda Dunes.

    The busiest time for the airport is on the weekends. You can expect to see private jet planes take up most of the parking spots on the tarmac.