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Sky is the Limit for Local Private Jet Company
March 16, 2015
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  • BEDFORD, BEDFORD COUNTY — Bun Air operates five private jets out of the airport and Monday they announced a new avionics certification that will help grow their business, and hopefully the county.

    Avionics is basically everything that’s in the cockpit of a plane. Bun Air is now allowed to work on those instruments and will be the only one stop shop for private jets in our region. They say the expansion came after the state got rid of sales tax on aircraft parts and labor. The president of Bun Air says it’s good for the entire state.

    Jim DeLong, President, Bun Air Corp., said, “Instead of leaving Pennsylvania for jobs in aviation and aerospace, they can stay here raise their families. They buy real estate and spend money and ultimately increase revenue to government.”

    He says that he will also be adding two to three employees to deal with the expansion.