Staco Aims Small in Helicopter Market
March 3, 2015
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  • Staco Systems is displaying a variety of cockpit solutions tailored to the helicopter market here at Heli-Expo. The company manufactures a variety of illuminated panels, subsystems, switches and data-entry solutions. Here at the show, Staco is featuring its “online switch configurator,” which can automatically design a switch, create a part number and generate a price quote.

    Helicopter applications for Staco products currently include keyboards for airborne law enforcement, subsystems for night vision and cameras and autopilot switches. Staco’s illuminated panels use a unique polymer over acrylic paint, which prevents light leakage, and its S200 and S300 switches are small and lightweight and therefore ideal for helicopter cockpits, according to company vice president Jeff Bowen.

    “Rotorcraft operators have very specific application challenges and our products have unique characteristics that meet their needs. Visibility and durability especially matter in this hard-working sector.”