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Headland Municipal Airport Prepares for Expansion
February 20, 2015
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  • The Headland Municipal Airport has set high goals for the remainder of 2015. One major goal is the completion of several renovation projects at the airport.

    “The airport is growing and, with growth, come high traffic flow through the airport,” said Pete Crews, airport manager. “It has been long time since the airport office has seen improvements. Now, with the office having more pilots use the office as well as more meetings taking place in the office, it was decided to update the office. We are in the process of performing a few cosmetic updates, such as installing new flooring and purchasing new furniture, just to update the office a bit.”

    Earlier this year, the airport was awarded a grant for a parallel-taxiway. However, due to a lack of state funding, the project has been delayed for three years.

    “We are eager to get started on the taxiway,” Crews said. “However, we will still be eager in three years. The federal funds are there, but state is not, and we must have the state in order for the program to start. So, we are turning our focus to another direction at this time. Currently, the airport has 40 T-hangars. We noticed, during the last DEANCO Auction, we are in need of a corporate hangar. That is our new goal.

    “We are going to build a 90-foot by 90-foot corporate hangar. With the hangar being that size, it allows plenty of room for storage and office space. Having a corporate hangar will be very beneficial to the airport as well as the corporation using the hangar. A corporate hangar will give a company the benefit of having the space available to pull a vehicle right beside the plane. This is easier for loading and unloading. That in itself is a huge benefit. If everything goes as planned, I hope to have at least one more, maybe two additional corporate hangars.”

    The building of corporate hangars is not the only growth the airport will see. The airport industrial site recently welcomed a new tenant, Sam Morehead.

    “We are pleased to have Sam locate at the airport,” Crews said. “He contracts his business, Built to Last, with Chick-Fil-A. He serves all the Chick-Fil-As all over the United States. We also want to congratulate Walls Aviation. Walls Aviation services the feeder planes through FedEx. This is also a huge benefit for our airport. This allows larger planes to utilize our facility.

    “Of course, we still have Ft. Rucker pilots utilize our airport several times a week. As you can see, we are have several plans in the making, and it all revolves around expanding the services available.”

    For more information on the Headland Municipal Airport, call 693-9415.