IDVA Prepares SB Airport to Serve General Aviation
January 15, 2015
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  • The Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) Board of Directors took further steps to advance the development of the San Bernardino International Airport’s general aviation facilities on Jan. 14 when it authorized the purchase of metal hangers and the issuing of a notice to invite bids for the construction of the Third and Victoria streets intersection.

    During the regular meeting, the board authorized the purchase of pre-engineered metal hangers from Erect-A-Tube, Incorporated for an amount not to exceed $1,478,805. The hangers will be designed and built off-site, then transported and constructed onto the airport, IVDA Manger of Capital Projects Jim Harris informed the board.

    Erect-A-Tube was the only company to submit a proposal to the bid notice issued by IVDA in October 2014.
    The contract is for approximately 30 small hangers suitable for single and twin-engined general aviation aircraft. According to IVDA Executive Director Michael Burrows, the new hangers will be used primarily for general aviation tenants who are relocating due to the closure of the Rialto airport.

    “Because Norton was a supply base we have never really had smaller hangers, and we’re excited to finally get into that segment of the industry,” Burrows said. “The fact that we have tenants that have signed on from Rialto make it a win-win. They get a new hanger and we get the new tenant activity. The general aviation community is one that we have needed to serve for a long, long time.”

    The hangers are expected to be installed at the airport by late summer 2015, Burrow said.

    According to Harris, once the hanger buildings are constructed on-site additional work will be needed to install the electrical, fire and safety systems. That work will be done on another contract issued at a later time.

    The issuing of notices inviting bids for the construction of the Third and Victoria streets intersection is also intended to improve the airport’s general aviation facilities as the intersection will serve as a major entrance to the general aviation and County of San Bernardino Sheriff Aviation facilities.

    The intersection project will include new pavement and traffic signals. The work was originally designed by Cordoba Engineering to be included in the Third and Fifth streets corridor projects but was separated from that larger project so it could sooner provide access to the new general aviation hangers.

    According to Harris, the engineers estimate for the work is $685,000 plus a construction contingency of an additional 10 percent for a total project budget of $753,500.

    Burrows expects the notices to go public within the following week and the contracts to be awarded by early March.

    “We’ve been working on these capital projects for quite a while so it’s nice to start off the new year with some construction,” Burrows said.

    Concerning other IVDA properties, the Board of Directors approved the awarding of a contract to CTG Construction Inc. DBA C.T. Georgiou Painting Company for the $196,116 remodel of the San Bernardino County Program Integrity Division on the second floor of what was formerly known as DFAS Building No. 1, at the southwest corner of Mill Street and Tippecanoe Avenue.

    The remodel will involve new carpeting, window coverings and a variety of other office upgrades as a condition to San Bernardino County’s seven year extension of the lease.