Valerie Kilgore KETK
Women in Aviation Recognizes LeTourneau Faculty Member
January 13, 2015
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  • LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KETK) — A management award scholarship from Women in Aviation is helping one LeTourneau University faculty member make a name for herself in that industry.

    Laura Laster is a Letourneau graduate who is now the Director of Flight Operations in the school of Aviation and Aeronautical Science. This is the second time Laster has been recognized by Women in Aviation.

    Laster said the scholarship is for a National Business Aviation Administration Continuing Education Seminar to learn more about flight operations management and flight risk assessment.

    “I would like to continue to work in Aviation Management and at some point obtain and executive level position somewhere in the field of Aviation Management. Hopefully at LeTourneau.”

    The Dean of the School of Aviation and Aeronautical Science, Fred Ritchey, says this is the second time in just a few years that Women in Aviation has recognized a LeTourneau faculty member.

    Ritchey says he was not surprised that Laster won this award, and the university’s staff is what sets them apart from other universities.

    “We are just very proud of Laura as someone who is on my leadership team. I see every week in our meetings how excellent she is. For others to see her quality and excellence and recognize that is important to us. We are proud of her.”

    As the flight Operations Director, Laster is the main contacts for students, and she ensures the students have the proper resources. She also hires flight instructors, and works with maintenance to be sure planes are air worthy, among other things.

    “I am excited I received the award because I feel like women in aviation is a prestigious organization. I’m honored that they would recognize me. I feel like it is just a testament to all the work I have put into my career and the good training I received at Letourneau.

    Laster says she has been interested in aviation for nearly 20 years and encourages anyone interested in aviation to pursue it because the industry could use more good people.