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‘Memorial’ Replaces ‘Lake of the Ozarks’ in New Airport Name
December 17, 2014
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  • CAMDENTON, Mo. — With two members absent, the Camdenton Board of Alderman voted 3-1 on Tuesday, Dec. 16 in favor of a new airport name: Camdenton Memorial Regional Airport.

    Corey Leuwerke, Fixed Base Operator at Camdenton’s airport and a member of the Airport Advisory Board, reported the airport board’s recommendation for a new name as Camdenton Lake Memorial Regional Airport. “Of the Ozarks” was omitted to hold the airport’s name to five words. “Lake” was deemed essential to associate Camdenton with Lake of the Ozarks, and “Memorial” was deemed essential after citizen input.

    Alderman Hagedorn, representing Ward I, was not persuaded that “Lake” was essential or that the use of “Lake” would enhance the business model for the airport even though other Airport Advisory Board members argued that it would. Alderman Osborn, representing Ward III, moved to adopt the Advisory Board’s recommendation, but that motion died because there was no one to second the motion. Alderman Gentry then moved to name the airport Camdenton Memorial Regional Airport to honor the airport’s original dedication and the services characteristic of a regional airport. Gentry’s motion was seconded and passed with three votes.

    Missouri House Representative Warren Love spoke before the Camdenton Board to inform the aldermen about the Discover More on Route 54 campaign now underway and to ask them to consider supporting the campaign. He directed the Board’s attention to the website for the campaign. There, under the “Highway 54 History” tab, Camdenton’s citizens can see a brief history of their town. Under other tabs, citizens and guests will see information about things to do in Camdenton and services available.

    Representative Love began this campaign to bring more traffic to the towns, parks, and scenery along Highway 54, a federal highway that crosses Missouri and continues beyond. Love hopes to have the highway designated as a scenic route and that the campaign sign featured across the top of the web site’s home page will attract attention. He also asks for businesses, cities, and Chambers of Commerce to sponsor his efforts to bring business and tourists to Missouri by way of 54.

    In other business, the Board voted to begin the process to raise water and sewer rates; public hearings will begin in the coming year. In addition, a new Park Board member and two new members to the Zoning Board of Adjustment were appointed.  The City also entered into contracts with RDG Planning and Design to update Camdenton’s Comprehensive Plan and with Dana F. Cole & Company LLP for auditing.

    City Attorney Phil Morgan presented a first draft of possible changes to the dangerous dog or “pitbull” ordinance. That discussion was tabled for a later meeting.