Joe’s Job: Aviation Instructor and Mechanic
October 15, 2014
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  • CHESAPEAKE — Epix Aviation is a fairly new company based at the Chesapeake Regional Airport.

    Flight instructor Sean Wilson demonstrated what it takes to do his job for a day.

    “Just imagine this is your office everyday. Fly around and also teach, which I like a lot right now. For a lot of people it’s their lifelong dream to fly,” said Wilson.

    Gorgeous weather made for a gorgeous view at 1,000 feet above Chesapeake.

    Sean went over flight hours and the written tests that students have to pass once they sign up for the program.

    “It’s a written test they have to do. That can be a big challenge for some of them. So some people maybe are better at the flying portion, they just don’t want to study for the written part. That’s hard,” added Wilson.

    I also worked side by side with mechanic Shirleen Bergram. She really wanted to work here and was persistent until she was hired.

    “I really wanted to get my foot in the door in general aviation and it’s hard to do unless you know somebody. So I just kept calling and kept calling and kept calling until eventually they hired me,” said Bertram.

    Guess who else works as a mechanic here? Wayne Newton. Not the Vegas Wayne Newton, but the Chesapeake Wayne Newton.

    “No sir, I am actually retired twice and this is a hobby. I love doing it. You’re never going to get rich but you’re always going to eat good,” said Newton.

    How would I do working at Epix? Mechanic Bertram had an instant answer.

    “Well look at my hands and look at your hands,” laughed Bertram.