Business Aviation Helps Our Economy
June 9, 2014
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  • Business aviation increases efficiency and productivity (“Firms Still Pay for Personal Jet Use,” Marketplace, May 28). Through the use of business aircraft, companies can visit multiple locations in a day and quickly access places that might otherwise take days to reach, all while using the time en route as work time.

    Given the 24/7 nature of many management positions, some companies’ boards of directors allow personal use of aircraft by key managers. Boards might also allow, or even require, certain managers to use the aircraft for all air travel, including personal transport, because of concerns about safeguarding intellectual property and minimizing safety and security risks.

    Here’s the bottom line: Face-to-face communication is still the most effective way for top companies to talk to customers, open markets and solidify business relationships in an increasingly global economy—and business aircraft are among the most effective tools for facilitating face-to-face communication.

    Ed Bolen
    President and CEO N
    National Business
    Aviation Association