Young Men Caught in Flooded Water at Nice's Mill Dam Rescued Wednesday Night
June 6, 2013
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  • A water rescue got underway on Wednesday night around 9:30. This was the second water rescue of the day. The Wednesday evening rescue occurred when three young men became trapped in waist-deep water in the Stones River at the Nice’s Mill and Dam off of Sulpher Springs Road in Rutherford County.
    The teens were at the river at night because they had just finished a day of tubing and were in the process of setting up camp. Their campsite was evidently below the dam area on a small patch of land in the middle of the water. While on the small island, the water quickly rose to what was a dangerous level so the teens decided to make the trek to the shore. That was when they quickly realized how swift the currents were and that they were in trouble.
    The Emergency Management Services Swift Water Response Team and Sheriff’s Deputies quickly responded to their distress call. A Nashville/Metro Police Department Helicopter was called in to help with the rescue efforts. During the rescue process, one rescue boat capsized. By 10:20 Wednesday night, Sheriff Robert Arnold said, “Everyone was out of the water and being checked by paramedics.” No serious injuries are believed to have occurred.
    Earlier in the day before noon on Wednesday a woman became entrapped in her car after running off the road and into the river along Epps Mill Road. The river was flooded due to the heavy morning rain. She was rescued without serious injury.