Local teen earns his wings
May 8, 2013
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  • Local high schools’ senior projects are designed to give wings to students’ future plans by allowing them to experience firsthand their career choices, but one Sequoyah student used his senior project to literally “earn his wings.”

    Logan Honea, as part of a senior project on the future of general aviation, completed all the requirements for his private pilot’s license.

    Logan’s family owns a Cessna 472-4 seater, and his father, Richard Honea, is a longtime pilot and flight instructor. Logan caught the family bug to fly and flew his first solo flight in 2011.

    “It’s hard to explain, but I’m passionate about it,” he said. “Being up there flying is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

    Logan’s mother, Lisa Honea, said her son has always been a hard worker.

    “Logan’s dad and I are extremely proud,” she said. “His passion for flying was evident at an early age.”

    The Federal Aviation Administration requires 40 hours of flying time for a pilot’s license, and Logan had 75 hours by the time he took his check ride with FAA examiner Clyde Shelton.

    The Honeas fly out of the Cherokee County Airport in Ball Ground.

    Logan’s senior project centered around the business of general aviation and the grim outlook the industry is facing because of the cost of fuel and instruction.

    Although general aviation is responsible for moving mail and packages, operating air ambulances and providing for business travel, it has become cost-prohibitive to fly because aviation fuel is averaging $6 an hour and flight instruction to train pilots can cost between $4,000 and $6,000.

    As a part of his senior project, Logan explored ways to improve the future of the industry.

    Gasolines are being developed for small planes that are cheaper than aviation fuel, and flight clubs are being formed that can make it cheaper to learn to fly through a group.

    “I want to motivate other young people to get into aviation,” Logan said. “Getting your private pilot’s license is an attainable goal for a high school student or for anyone.”

    He said there are rental airplanes available and lots of flight instructors have their own planes that they use to give lessons.

    Logan plans to attend college at Middle Georgia College in Eastman.

    “It’s located right on a runway and I can fly there, along with studying history or political science,” he said.

    After college, Logan said his goal is to fly fighter jets for the military. He said he also plans a future in politics.

    “I’m really passionate about this country, and I want to serve it as long as possible,” he said.