Students Take Flight Over Magic Valley Skies
May 6, 2013
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  • Local students are taking flight.

    It’s all part of a program put together by the Experimental Aircraft Association.

    Fasten your seat belt and prepare for lift off.

    Students from the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind took to the Magic Valley skies Monday.

    “It was very fun, really good experience. Scary, but yeah it was fun,” said Francisco Vazquez, ISDB student.

    Each flight lasts about fifteen minutes and it’s designed to educate these kids on the ins and outs of flying, all the while giving them the experience of a lifetime.

    “Pilots have a passion for flying and sharing that passion with kids in particular. You got to get the next generation involved in aviation,” said Dale Cresap, EAA member, event organizer.

    The EAA has been offering the program to the school for the last six years.

    It’s an event the students look forward each year.

    “They know that it happens in the spring time and they begin to talk about it in the fall,” said Gretchen Spooner, Idaho School for Deaf and Blind, Director of Education.

    As Spooner tells us, many of the kids benefit from programs like the Young Eagles Flights.

    That’s because they’re often left out of certain experiences because of their disability.

    “When they come and have a hands–on experience like this, they’re able to gain more knowledge and understanding about planes, how they work and what it takes to become a pilot,” said Spooner.

    For Francisco Vazquez, there’s one moment he won’t soon forget.

    “The part where he let me get control of the airplane. That was awesome,” said Vasquez.

    “You know with the pilot along and dual controls it’s safe to allow them, with some coaching, to fly the plane,” said Cresap.

    Taking a trip around the Magic Valley to a whole new level.

    At the end of the day, the pilot presented each student with a newly minted young eagle and a pilot logbook.