Alejandra Silva THE RANGER (WY)
Construction, maintenance jobs scheduled for airport
May 3, 2013
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  • Riverton Regional Airport will see increased activity this summer beginning May 16 as it participates in the Wyoming Department of Transportation Aeronautics crack seal program. Airport staff will measure any cracks at the airport that need sealing and report them to WyDOT.

    Aeronautics Division personnel will then come to the airport and start the repairs. The division pays 80 percent, and the city covers the remaining 20 percent.

    “It’s a wonderful program from WyDOT Aeronautics … what a great deal,” said public services director Bill Urbigkit at the April airport board meeting. He said the cracks may cost roughly $100,000 to repair.

    Another project, set to begin July 18 and end by Sept. 26, is the AIP taxiway “C” rehab and general aviation apron reconstruction project. In March, the city council approved going forward with the project after confirming that the poor pavement conditions at the taxiway needed urgent repairs.

    The taxiway is used by the aircrafts and connects runways, terminals, hangars and other areas at the airport.

    The apron is the spot where the aircrafts park, refuel, and load and unload passengers. The apron also is in bad condition and sits in front of the airport’s fire station and fixed based operator’s hangar.

    Airport division manager Paul Griffin said the cost of this project is roughly $1.3 million. The Federal Aviation Administration will pay 93.75 percent, the WyDOT Aeronautics Division will pay 3.75 percent, and the city will cover the remaining 2.5 percent.

    After additional inspections, the FAA will make other improvements at the airport, including changes to the facility’s snow removal plan. Gates can get blocked after heavy snowfall, so changes will be implemented to make access easier at all times and to prevent snow drifts.

    Heater kits will be placed on new gates to help with freezing issues, and the new gates will lift instead of slide open. A non-movement area line also will be added at the airport.

    The 24-foot wide area, where personnel vehicles are driven, will be located between the taxiway and the general aviation ramp and also by Jim’s Aircraft Service. The area also will be able to accommodate future fire trucks.

    Urbigkit confirmed that during the repairs, one runway will be closed temporarily, but delays will be kept to a minimum. The second runway will remain open, and no flights will be canceled.,-maintenance-jobs-scheduled-for-airport