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Private Hangar Could Bring Business to Hancock
February 22, 2013
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  • By: Andrew Sorensen


    Syracuse Hancock Airport is about to see its first new development in close to a decade with a private jet facility. Most people probably can’t afford to be a part of the endeavor, but as YNN’s Andrew Sorensen tells us, that doesn’t mean you won’t see the benefits.


    SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse Hancock International is trying to get bigger by thinking smaller.


    “It’s certainly a great opportunity,” Syracuse Airport Commissioner Christina Callahan.


    A plot of land by the airport is soon to be home to about 15 private jets.


    “This is a service that is currently not offered at this airport, nor at any other airport that we’ve been able to find,” Callahan said.


    The Syracuse Jet Association’s privately funded six million dollar facility isn’t just a hangar.


    Callahan said it also includes “an attached building that will have offices, conference room space,” among other amenities.


    The association’s private members will own the building, but they’ll be renting the land.


    “Initially we’re looking at $65,000 a year,” said Callahan.


    The airport is hoping that eventually, that extra cash helps this expansion lead to bigger things.


    “Anything that we can do to promote the airport, to bring in additional revenue, to help lower costs, ultimately makes us more attractive to airlines,” Callahan said.


    The local business community is also soaring with joy at the news.


    “We know that convenient, accessible air service is a very important priority for many of these businesses,” Center State CEO Vice President Kevin Schwab said.


    The New York State Department of Transportation says the economic impact of aviation on Syracuse is nearly $600 million a year.


    Schwab expects that number could go up as businesses bring in investors.


    “And a facility like this will make a powerful first impression, frankly for those who arrive here on charter aircraft or private aircraft,” Schwab said.


    The Syracuse Jet Association says they already have at least six members, and they hope to get up to fifteen before they break ground this spring.


    The Jet Association says they plan to open their facility in late summer or early fall.