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Bell Helicopter to Fly in China Airshow
November 12, 2012
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  • By Kyndel Lee

    AMARILLO, TEXAS — Bell Helicopter is going to display its 407 GX and 429 aircraft in The 9th International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, beginning Nov. 13.

    Companies fly their aircraft in the show, staging their most advanced aviation and aeros pace products, as well as different technologies.

    “There’s really huge market potential in China for helicopters,” Bell Helicopter Communications Manager JJ Walker said. “But, currently, China is very underserved with helicopters. There’s actually more rotorcraft in the state of Texas than there are in the entire country of China. China’s a huge country, so we really see a lot of opportunity there.”

    With China’s giant land mass and rugged terrain, Walker said Bell Helicopter feels there is great reason to form relationships.

    “Within China, we see a lot of need for different rotorcraft, anywhere from oil and gas exploration, law enforcement, search and rescue, corporate travel and certainly other missions,” Walker added. “And Bell Helicopter has the right products to meet those needs.”

    The aircraft company has identified China as a helicopter country, and has already begun working with the Chinese.

    “Bell’s had a presence in China since 1984 and we have recently opened a training facility there and that should become operational in 2013, and have service and support sites there,” Walker said.

    Bell Helicopter is also writing part of its website in Chinese- another step in marketing with the largest country in the world.

    “We’ve currently trained 144 Chinese pilots with our Bell Training Academy,” Walker pointed out. “We have a maintenance training facility in China already.”