Morgantown Gets $1.4M for Runway Improvements
August 21, 2012
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  • MORGANTOWN (AP) — The Morgantown Municipal Airport is getting $1.4 million in federal funds to upgrade the runway and other facilities.

    The federal Aviation Administration grant was announced Tuesday by U.S. Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin.

    Rockefeller says ensuring the structural integrity of transportation centers is critical. He says the money will help keep pilots, passengers and airport staff safe by upgrading and repairing runways.

    Morgantown will use the funds to convert Runway 5-23 to a taxiway, remove paint, seal cracks and remark pavement.

    Workers will also change lighting and signage at the airport, and the northwest taxiway will be widened.

    Mayor Jim Manilla says the money won’t be used to repair hangars rented to private plane owners.

    Last year, the number of passengers flying out of Morgantown surged nearly 67 percent.