Alliance for Aviation


The Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of more than 6,300 individuals representing businesses, agricultural groups FBOs, small airports, elected officials, charitable organizations, and leading business and aviation groups that support the interest of the general aviation community across various public policy issues.

Airport Improvement Program
ATC Privatization in the UK
Has Resulted in a “Total Meltdown”
Privatized Foreign Systems Continue
to Fall Further Behind the U.S.
An Offer You Can’t Refuse…
40,000 Passengers Per Year
Have Their Seats Taken From Them
Big Airlines Keep Raking in Fees
Yet Still Can’t Manage Their Own Systems
Law Enforcement, Medical
Care and Emergency Services
The Truth About the Big Airlines'
Push to Privatize Our Nation's
Air Traffic Control System
Poll: Majority of Voters Oppose
Privatizing the Air Traffic Control System
ICYMI – American Prospect Article Highlights
the Big Airlines’ Record of Collusive
and Anticompetitive Behavior
ICYMI – Big Airlines Call for Federal Control
Over Airspace, Affirm that US Aviation System
is the "Envy of the World"
ICYMI – Nav Canada Announces Need for
Renewed Investments in Air Traffic Control
ICYMI – Think Tank Confirms that
Big Airline Consolidation Is Bad for
Consumers and Rural Communities
Letters to Congress from Mayors
Letter to Congress on Rural,
Agriculture, and Small Businesses
on ATC Privatization
Major Consumer & Passenger Rights Groups
Launch Ad Opposing Air Traffic Privatization