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Tell Congress: Don’t Put Big Airlines In Charge
March 16, 2016
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  • We need you to take a couple of minutes to help protect communities and businesses around the country. Currently, the big airlines are pushing a proposal to take away public oversight over our air traffic control system.

    Will you say no to this proposal?

    This bill would privatize air traffic control and give big airlines unprecedented authority over our nation’s air traffic system – including the ability to raise fees and make decisions about access and funding of airports that could pose a significant threat to communities and airports of all sizes, as well as other sectors of aviation.

    That is why this week we’ve launched a new petition to ask Congress to stand firmly against any attempts to privatize air traffic control.

    Congress must pass legislation to fund the FAA before a March 31st deadline, so please add your voice.

    Sign the petition today.

    Thank you!

    Alliance for Aviation Across America

    PS. Once you’ve signed the petition, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter!