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Veterans Airlift Command
November 2, 2015
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  • General aviation pilots have big hearts and nothing showcases that more than the volunteers of Veterans Airlift Command (VAC).

    This network of general aviation pilots is committed to helping post 9/11 combat wounded veterans and their families get access to the care they need. Often veterans require specialized care that may require them to travel long distances or separate them from their families. Or medical conditions make airline travel especially difficult.  Pilots from VAC donate their time and flight costs to ensure the vets get the first class treatment they deserve.  The 2,500 VAC volunteer pilots have flown over 10,000 passengers since its inception in 2006.

    In one recent mission, a VAC team enabled Marine Sgt. Peck to enjoy a friend’s wedding and be prepared for a last–minute arm transplant call, by delivering him to Dallas from the North East, and having the aircraft and crew stand-by all weekend for an immediate departure to Johns Hopkins should a donor become available (Peck has to be within 6 hours of the operating room at all times).

    Veterans Airlift Command is kicking off the holiday season, their busiest time of the year, with Hero Flight 2015, where attendees can learn more about their mission and catch a private concert with Jerrod Niemann. VAC is dedicated to ensuring that these wounded warriors are able to spend the holiday with their families; if you’d like to learn more or register to fly missions, check out their website.