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General Aviation Aiding Hurricane Sandy Recovery
November 7, 2012
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  • In the past week, volunteer pilots have played a significant part in delivering desperately needed supplies to hurricane-stricken areas in the northeast. Charities such as AERObridge are reaching out to local GA pilots and coordinating major efforts to fly over necessities such as warm clothes and bottled water to those in need.

    Local pilot flies supplies to New York

    In Massachusetts, the Hampshire County sheriff’s office has been collecting donations to fly down to Monmouth County, New Jersey. These volunteer pilots are giving up not only their time to support the relief effort, but their plane and their fuel.

    WMass pilots flying to N.J. with supplies for Sandy victims

    From the Joplin tornadoes to Hurricane Katrina, general aviation pilots have been a consistent method of delivering fast relief to those affected by natural disasters. As the temperature drops, these pilots are providing an invaluable service to those without homes or electricity, helping them stay warm and healthy as they continue to rebuild.