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Local Airports Helping Disaster Relief across the Country
September 1, 2011
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  • The Air National Guard is making use of Fair Haven Municipal Airport in Vermont as a logistical hub for the distribution of food, water and other supplies in the aftermath Hurricane Irene. Currently, wildfires in Texas and Arkansas are being fought aerially. These operations are being based out of community airports as well.

    Of course, this is nothing new; small airports have always been a vital resource in disaster relief. In the worst situations, like Hurricane Katrina, they can be an efficient way of evacuating people from affected areas. The capability and versatility of aviation is indispensible in natural disasters, and airports often serve as local command centers for the relief efforts.

    Follow the links bellow to see how these airports are providing essential disaster relief to their communities:

    FairHaven Municipal Airport Ð Fair Haven, Vermont

    WaldronMunicipal Airport Ð Waldron, Arkansas

    HarrisonCounty Airport Ð Marshall, Texas