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Rep. Pompeo Supports FAA Reauthorization Legislation
April 4, 2011
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  • April 2, 2011

    Today Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) voted for H.R. 658, the FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011. The legislation passed the House on a vote of 223 – 196.

    Mr. Pompeo commented, “This is a fiscally conservative bill that meets the significant needs of our general aviation industry. While rolling back spending to 2008 levels, the bill makes important policy improvements that will help create an environment where our aircraft manufacturers can start to rehire.

    “Perhaps most importantly, the FAA Reauthorization bill does not include User Fees, which would devastate the general aviation industry. User Fees would place an unnecessary administrative burden and unwarranted additional costs on system users. I applaud the House for joining with me in opposing such an ill-advised funding regime.

    “Simply put, the FAA Reauthorization bill will have a positive impact on Wichita, the Air Capital of the World, and the surrounding communities.”

    Date: 2011-04-02