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Veterans Airlift Command Provides Much Needed Service
April 1, 2011
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  • On March 28th,’s “Conscious Capitalism” series focused on the generosity of general aviation pilots working with the Veterans Airlift Command, an organization that provides free flights for wounded combat veterans who would otherwise be unable to afford cross-country transportation.

    The three minute video tells the story of Gunnery Sgt. Marcus Wilson, who narrowly avoided death when an IED ripped into his vehicle, costing him his leg. Though his family is currently separated by a thousand miles from Virginia and Oklahoma, the Veterans Air Command was able to fly them from Oklahoma to Virginia, allowing him the family to be together for spring break.

    According to VAC executive director Walter Fricke, pilots feel a unique bond with veterans that drives their desire to spend their free time bringing veteran families closer together. “Pilots understand freedom in a unique wayÉ and appreciate those who defend our freedom in a way that makes them want to stand up and help.” The 1,800 members of the VAC displayed their appreciation by flying over 1,300 passengers around the country last year. VAC volunteer and Choctaw Nation Chief Pilot Quentin McLarry concludes the video by putting his service in perspective: “This is nothing compared to what they’ve done for us, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

    To view the video, please click here.

    For more information on the Veterans Airlift Command, including detailed information on how to donate time and resources as well as suggest veterans in need, go to