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Super Bowl increases demand at regional airports
January 28, 2011
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  • By Duarte Geraldino

    January 22, 2011

    Dallas, Texas – Chartering a private plane and flying to the Super Bowl, it is fantasy for many people, but for those who can afford to part with big bucks, it is becoming and increasingly popular option.

    “You could literally call us at 8 AM and decide to come to the game and we could mobilize an aircraft and go get you here if you wanted to,” President of BusinessAir Damon Ward said. The company is a private aviation firm which operates out of Denton Municipal Airport. According to Ward, with each elimination round he gets more and more calls about charter flights.

    “We have had multiple inquirers. We have had few reservations, but multiple inquirers,” Ward said. “You know if we could get an extra 25-50 flights we’d be really excited about that.”

    The Super Bowl XLV Host Committee is so convinced the 15 regional airports in the Dallas Fort Wort metroplex will see increased traffic, that it created a sub group called the Aviation Action Committee. Everyone’s heard P.Diddy is flying in, but you’d be surprised what other kind of people are making their way to the game.

    “(From) the guy flying the single-engine airplane with just him and his family, through multiple corporate type aircrafts, sponsors and companies.” Ward said.

    Many of the regional airports have be preparing for months. Denton Municipal airport just expanded its runway by one thousand feet and installed a new radar system, which could come in handy if the Chicago Bears win and the number one fan and chief, President Obama, comes down for the game.

    “Airspace is usually closed when the President is in the air and around. That will certainly make it more difficult to operate if he does in fact come,” Ward said.

    So how much does it cost to charter a private plane from Chicago to Dallas? BusinessAir arranges such flights for about $15 thousand. For that price you get round-trip flight for you and about eight of your friends. That’s less two thousand dollars a seat. If you are coming in an out for one day, not getting a hotel room, and already paying several thousand dollars to see the game, it may be worth it. At least that is how dozens of local aviation companies and regional airports hope you see it. The Arlington airport will be the busiest of the smaller airports, but Addison airport is also expected to have 400 additional Super Bowl-related flights.,0,6805850.story

    Source: KDAF-TV
    Date: 2011-01-22