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New plane to help program take flight again
January 28, 2011
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  • ESTHERVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) — There’s a program at Iowa Lakes Community College that’s receiving a bit of attention.

    The college’s aviation program has a new component, a 2008 light sport aircraft.

    The new plane allows students to get into the sky faster with a less training time needed to fly.

    Officials say since 9/11, interest has gone down in aviation.

    But despite the decrease, the program’s coordinator hopes the aircraft’s addition will help the program grow.

    “The students who are here and are really interested and dedicated to flying will get the flying done that they need to do to move on and use flying in some aspect of their life whether it’s as a professional pilot or whether it’s related to their personal business or whatever they want to do,” said Ron Duer, chief flight instructor and program coordinator.

    Iowa Lake’s aviation program has been around since 1980.

    Another aviation program isn’t too far away.

    It’sat Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, IA.

    Source: KTIV
    Date: 2011-01-21