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Winston has big dreams for Moton Field
January 24, 2011
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  • By Jacquelyn Carlisle

    January 13, 2011

    As renovations to Tuskegee’s Moton Field take place, a childhood dream is being fulfilled.

    According Dr. Bill Winston, Fixed Base Operator at Moton Field Municipal Airport, upgrades occurring at the airport are designed to rejuvenate Tuskegee’s spirit of aviation and to bring needed revenue to the city. Besides that, it’s a personal dream come true.

    “In my youth I saw how much of an economic engine Moton Field was,” Winston said. “The first thing I thought of to empower the city of Tuskegee was aviation,” Winston said. This is such a historic place for flying and we are going to continue the legacy.”

    Mark Muse, Director of Golden Aviation and Melody Winston, Director of Property Management, help to illustrate Winston’s vision.

    “By making improvements to the airport, it shows pilots and visitors the sense of excellent that has always been part of Tuskegee and Dr. Winston,” Muse said. “Along with the improvements, offering better customer service showcases the spirit of the community.”

    Part of the new customer satisfaction program Golden Eagle is instituting at Moton Field includes providing aircraft detailing, maintenance and fuel and oil services. In addition, Golden Eagle headquarters has a pilot’s lounge, Internet access and conference rooms to complement the airport’s 5,000-foot runway.

    The apron at the airport has been expanded and now all the lights of the airport have been repaired and replaced. The lights are on a timer, but come on when airplanes are in the vicinity. The lights can be also controlled by the manager of the airport, a design included to conserve energy.

    Golden Eagle Aviation worked with Black Pilots of America and the City of Tuskegee to sponsor the first Labor Day Fly-In, the weekend of September 4-6, 2010. At that time, Golden Eagle renovated its building to include two new training classrooms.

    “Winston’s total plan includes not just creating jobs, but providing training for the Tuskegee workforce so they can fill the jobs as they come available,” Muse said. “Golden Eagle Aviation will have an aviation maintenance academy to train maintenance workers and a flight training academy to continue the great legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen.”

    The academy is expected to start within the next two months.

    Melody Winston added that Golden Eagle is working to get area youth involved in aviation.

    In 2011, Golden Eagle will have two T-hangers that will be able to accommodate 10 aircraft. This will complete the first phrase of its planned renovations.

    Winston wants to continue to expand to move into its second phase of development, which focuses on cargo. He expects to employ more than 200 after the expansion is complete.

    “We are starting a wave of new economic growth in Tuskegee,” said Winston. “We are going to help rebuild Tuskegee.”

    Date: 2011-01-13