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Dayton airport receives grant
January 24, 2011
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  • Former Gov. Phil Bredesen announced Thursday, Dec. 30, that an aeronautics grant in the amount of $103,500 has been approved for Mark Anton Municipal Airport.

    “From moving people to moving freight, the airports in Tennessee are vital pieces of the state’s overall economy and travel system,” said Bredesen. “Tennessee’s airports are often the front doors to our communities, welcoming visitors from across the globe, so it’s important to keep them up to date in order to stay competitive and efficient at meeting the needs of both businesses and travelers.”

    Funds from this aeronautics grant will be used for the demolition and removal of an old hangar.

    The grants are made available through the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division.

    Except for routine expenditures, grant applications are reviewed by the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission (TAC), which is a five-member board charged with policy planning and with regulating changes in the state airport system plan.

    TAC Chair Fred Culbreath said, “As Tennessee’s communities continue to grow, the airports must keep pace. These grants are vital to many airports in Tennessee, and our board examines the applications carefully to ensure the proper state and local matching funds are in place and that the grants will be put to good use.”

    “We need to maintain our airport in Dayton as attractive, safe and accessible for industrial air traffic as well as for general aviation traffic,” State Rep. Jim Cobb, R-Spring City, said. “As a private pilot myself, I am proud to fly into this airport and observe the many improvements in appearance, safety and accommodations over the past few years.”

    The TDOT Aeronautics Division has the responsibility of inspecting and licensing the state’s 126 heliports and 75 public/general aviation airports. The division also provides aircraft and related services for state government and staffing for the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission.

    State Sen. Ken Yager, R-Harriman, and Cobb worked to secure the grant funds for Mark Anton Municipal Airport, according to a TDOT news release.

    Date: 2011-01-18