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Flying with Angels
January 7, 2011
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  • Over the past year, Scott Lehman has been using his Cirrus SR22 to transport ill patients from their homes to treatment centers. As a volunteer for Angel Flight West, Scott tries to fly one mission a month, donating the operational costs of the flight along with his time. He is motivated in what he does by a desire to fight cancer. Having lost his bother 18 years ago to cancer, Scott wants to do anything he can to help beat cancer and assist those who are currently fighting the disease.

    Founded in 1983, Angel Flight West has helped thousands of individuals get to treatment centers for free with no strings attached. Since 1999, Angel Flight West has flown nearly 45,000 missions, transporting 9,000 patients . In 2009, Angel Flight West had 1,600 participating pilots who volunteered their planes and services, helping 1,300 patients get to treatment centers. To read more about Scott Lehman and his recent flight, click here.