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October 'General Aviation Appreciation Month' in Minnesota
November 5, 2010
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  • Posted by Janice Wood

    October 17, 2010

    Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s has signed a proclamationdeclaring October “General Aviation Appreciation Month” in Minnesota.

    Minnesota Director of Aeronautics Christopher Roy stated,”General aviation is a tremendous economic engine for the state of Minnesota and itcontinues to be a vitally important industry that brings many benefits toeveryone. Aviation is an integral part of conducting business, moving cargo,and traveling for leisure.”

    “We commend Governor Pawlenty for highlighting the immensevalue that general aviation provides to the state of Minnesota,”said Selena Shilad,executivedirector of the Alliancefor Aviation Across America. “General aviation is a literal lifeline for smallbusinesses, farmers, non-profit humanitarian organizations, law enforcement,and medical care across the state, and this proclamation is a great stepforward in promoting the value of this important industry.”

    “Governor Pawlenty’s proclamation gives well-deservedrecognition to the more than 13,000 pilots and hundreds of airports thatsupport local economies and communities across the state,” said AOPA Presidentand CEO Craig Fuller. “We commend this important proclamation and look forwardto continuing to work with the governor to promote the value of generalaviation in Minnesotaand throughout the nation.”

    “The business aviation community commends Governor Pawlentyfor his support for general aviation in Minnesota,”said National Business Aviation Association President and CEO Ed Bolen.”General aviation in the state allows businesses to reach places where thecommercial airlines do not fly. Businesses across Minnesota rely on aircraft to reachcustomers in small towns and rural communities that would otherwise take hoursto reach. In total, Minnesotaairports generate $12.2 billion in economic activity in the state. This impactincludes the creation of 164,900 jobs in the state as well as $6.5 billion inlabor income.”

    Henry Ogrodzinski, president of the National Association ofState Aviation Officials said, “Chris Roy, director of the Minnesota Departmentof Transportation’s Office of Aeronautics, has been vital in continuing topromote a solid aerospace and aviation industry within Minnesota. America‘s massive network ofcommunity airports is critical to sustaining the millions of jobs and providingaccess to a host of important services and resources. I applaud both him andGovernor Pawlenty for their hard work and look forward to continuing to workwith them in the future.”

    Date: 2010-10-17